Hair I am Barbershop

The State of Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering & the Jefferson County Barber Board have RECOMMENDED ALL Barbershop’s & Salons to be CLOSED until further notice.

Hair I Am Barbershop is participating in MANDATE from the Alabama Department of Health issued yesterday.

Some barbershops & salons might not follow the recommendation, but WE WILL, in order to protect your health & safety in an effort to stop the spread of this coronavirus.

To all of our TANNING and HYDROMASSAGE clients:

During this TEMPORARY closing of the Barbershop due to RECOMMENDATIONS and MANDATES from the regulating agencies, I will add a ONE MONTH FREE membership to ALL of your existing memberships, upon our re-opening 😊


We will keep you updated on this matter. Everyone be safe and we will see you soon 💈✂️💈